Our Partners
  • Development Facilitator

           Through a joint effort, both the organizations should be able to:
Identify and pursue high value M & S projects / assignments (Herein after projects) in various Ministries / Bilateral / Multilateral Agencies / State Governments / Central and State Bodies / Institutions and Jointly deliver them.
Implement M & S components of specific projects and desired jointly and to work towards their accomplishment in a timely and professional manner.
          The sectoral focus of this joint venture would be mandates in the following sectors:-
                 i. Social Sector


ii. Any other Development Sectors as mutually agreed
  • Indian Telephone Industry

Shikshan Kranti is an ERP software package, comprising 23 modules, which provides connectivity to all major departments (Iike accounts, store, admission, fees, exam etc.) in an institute so that management can monitor and review all important activities of the college.
Both, Ed-CIL and ITI shall market the products all over India and both, Ed-CIL and ITI agree to develop a joint marketing strategy and wherever customers. ITI and Ed-CIL will bear the cost of their marketing efforts. Both, Ed-CIL and ITI shall simultaneously explore export potential for products. The appointment of dealers for the finished products will be the sole right and responsibility of ITI.