Vision and Mission


To become a market leader in the field of education consultancy and emerge as a reputed global consultancy company.


  1. Grow profitably by aggressively persuing  educational consultancy opportunities in national and international arena.
  2. Improve competitiveness through organizational transformation, networking, strategic alliances and linkage with eminent experts in the field.
  3. Attract and build a team of people by fostering creativity to harness the potential of education consultancy.


  1. Maximizing placement of international students in Indian Institutions through Promotion of Indian Education Abroad
  2. To explore all opportunities for secondment of Indian Teachers and Experts to foreign countries.
  3. To provide Technical Assistance in preparation of DPRs, Survey Report, Curriculum Development, Evaluation Studies, Perspective Plans.
  4. To provide procurement solutions for Supply of Educational Aids
  5. To provide recruitment solutions for various Central and State Govt. Organization
  6. To provide project management consultancy for institutional infrastructure development.
  7. To provide logistic support to important projects at National level similar to  Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) & National Projects Implementation Unit (NPIU).