26 Sep 2017

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National Literacy Mission Authority | Print |

“Saakshar Bharat” was formally launched by Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh on 8th September, 2009. The programme aims to further promote and strengthen Adult Education, specially of women, by extending educational options to those adults who having lost the opportunity of access to formal education and crossed the standard age for receiving such education, now feel a need for learning of any type.

The Mission has four broad objectives, namely, Impart functional literacy and numeracy to non-literate and non-numerate adults, Enable the neo-literate adults to continue their learning beyond basic literacy and acquire equivalency to formal educational system, Impart non and neo-literates relevant skill development programmes to improve their earning and living conditions, Promote a learning society by providing opportunities to neo-literate adults for continuing education.

The Government has set a National Goal of achieving by 2017, 80 percent literacy rate and reducing gender gap in literacy to 10 percent. In addition, minimising regional, social and gender disparities with Special Focus on Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Minorities, disadvantaged groups, adolescents and low literacy States and tribal areas is the other national target. National Literacy Mission Authority (NLMA) is the operating and implementing organization for Saakshar Bharat at national level.

A Technical Support Group to support the Scheme has been established under the aegis of National Literacy Mission Authority (NLMA) by EdCIL (India) Limited to perform these vital tasks.


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